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Saturday, 22 May 2010

21st May....As the Miller told his tale

Another warm evening saw my first MILLER on the garden shed
PINE HAWKMOTH on the funnel trap and taken into the house for a photo on the pine table. A garden first.

OAK HOOK-TIP found in the skinner trap. Another garden first.

CHINESE CHARACTER my 4th garden first of the evening Results:-
12 x S.S.Dart
4 x Brimstone Moth
3 x Common Pug
2 x Mottled Pug
2 x Grey/Dark Dagger
2 x Heart and Dart
1 x Knot Grass
1 x Least Black Arches
1 x Rustic Shoulder-knot
1 x P.M. Willow
1 x Bright-line Brown-eye
1 x Chinese Character (garden first)
1 x Oak Hook-tip (garden first)
1 x Pine Hawkmoth (garden first)
1 x Miller (garden first)
Bee Moth..Aphomia sociella
Plus some for Mr. Manning

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