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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

4th May.....Another cold and Drab night

Temperatures were down to 5 deg. C , but high enough for a few moths to take to the wing. This Clouded Drab (top) is the first for a while but no Common Quakers which appear to have ended their season at The Dells.

The traps and surrounding walls lured 12 moths of 9 species and the first 4 pics below show an unidentified micro from the skinner trap. The photos are not good quality having been taken in the dark with flash. But maybe good enough for an ID. The problem with these little blighters is they have usually escaped by the morning when a better shot on my limited camera would be possible. If anyone has a spare couple of £££GRAND£££ or so, I promise the pics will improve !!
The nights haul:-
4 x Shuttle-shaped Darts
1 x Common Pug (possibly !)
1 x Powdered Quaker
1 x Pale Mottled Willow
1 x Early Grey
1 x Cabbage Moth
1 x Clouded Drab
1 x Garden Carpet
1 x "D.Manning" ( my euphemism for an unidentified micro, I'm sure he won't mind )

4 pics of the unidentified micro, approx 7mm long :-
Identified as Scrobipalpa acuminatella thanks to David Manning

Scrobipalpa acuminatella

Scrobipalpa acuminatella

I am going to stick my neck out and say this tiny pug is a COMMON PUG. It is a little less than 20mm across but as always, the ID is open to debate !



Mr and Mrs S.S.Dart

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