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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Traps on hold...Too bloody cold

"Trappingsof success" u/v sheet must surely be the undoing of the Dells totals this season.
The v.a.p.o.u.r.e.r looks to be a formidable piece of kit !

Instead of warming up, it's got even colder. Temps last night dropped to -1C and are set to do so again tonight. I had to scrape ice from my windscreen this morning. There is a slim chance the weather may be warm enough on Friday night so I will set the traps. I think I am going to be blitzed for moth numbers by the Caldecote "Trappings" after seeing their upgraded version of the Tescoe "Value" bedsheet...... The "Value Argos Pulley Operated, Uv Reflective, Extendable Roller", or v.a.p.o.u.r.e.r. looks to be the Dogs Bollox !

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