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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

24th July ... Garden Traps...Padella dilemma

overnight low 13.2 deg, warmest night so far.
Macros were a little disappointing for such a warm, calm night, although the heavy dew would have killed it off in the early hours.
Plenty of them but read the last couple of blogs and there they are.
2, year-first and 1 new micro were recorded, with 12 more potted up for the county recorder.
1 adult 263 Lyonetia clerkella was a year first, although the apple, birch and cherry are riddled with the mines.
888 Mompha propinquella *year first (below)

425 Yponomeuta padella, Orchard Ermine is a new addition to The Dells list.
I have probably had this common moth before but the ground colour has been grey/white.
Y. malinellus, Apple Ermine, is also present in the garden and a grey/white form is possible.
The genitalia appears the same as padella.
Our micro man is happy to accept a uniform grey ground colour as padella......
Yponomeuta padella

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