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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dotted Rustic

Not many moths about last night as the cold spell persists, well cold for the time of year that is.
Oddly enough, last July didn't fare much better temperature-wise.
Dotted Rustic was a welcome addition to The Dells garden list.
Talking to the Recorders today, I'm told 6 have been recorded this year right across the county, and the last records were in 2006.
2105 DOTTED RUSTIC, Rhyacia simulans
It is a large moth and when I saw it in the egg box this morning there was a brief moment when I thought it was a Large Yellow Underwing until I had a closer look.
The forewing is a little over 20mm.

ON THE micro scene.....
A few days ago I posted Pammene fasciana  as Cydia splendana
so here goes again.........
Cydia splendana * year first
I think it's correct this time .........

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