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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mystery plant .... ID Revealed

The identity of my mystery garden plant has been revealed with a mass of showy flowers.
The plant is now a little under 6 ft tall with many spreading side-shoots.
It is the wildflower,  Chichorium intybus, the Common Chicory.


  1. Nice. All sorts of previously undetected wild flowers popping up in my garden this year as it's been way too wet to mow or tend, including Wood Avens, Wall Speedwell, Selfheal, Lesser Trefoil ....

  2. What a great plant to turn up in your garden - does it have a scent and lots of insects?

  3. No scent or insects Jerry.
    Just a showy blue flower, although the roots can be baked, dried, ground and used as a coffee substitute.
    Lots of folklore attached to this plant too, usually involving heartbroken girls waiting for their husband/lovers who never return.
    Men call it the Party Plant ! (^_*)