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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

1st Oct 2013 ... Yellow-line Quaker

Only 1 trap on as the weather looked a bit dodgy. There was a chance of it passing just west of us but no ... soaked trap in the morning. Still warm though.
Yellow-line Quaker made it's expected appearance last night and hopefully Red-line Q will be hot on its heels as in the past.
Not much else about apart from the usual tired brown stuff, even the Blair's Shoulder-knot are starting to look a little worn .....
Pick of the rest :-
Barred Sallow
Beaded Chestnut x 3
Large Ranunculus x 2
Garden Carpet
Common Marbled Carpet
Black Rustic x 4
Angle Shades x 4
Small Dusty Wave
Yellow-line Quaker ... YF
2264 ... Yellow-line Quaker ...Agrochola macilenta


  1. I found evidence of Large Birch Pygmy by means of a mine. Good news after the acceptance of Scarce Brown Midget on my Pear!

    1. I checked my Birch ... no sign Large BP this year, still time tho