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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

29th/30th Garden catch report

29th Sept ...
Migrants are still in evidence with Xylostella plutella, Diamond-back moth, and Nomophila noctuella, Rush Veneer both at the traps.
Alas no Vestal.
Redwings (birds not moths) are now passing overhead at night on their annual winter migration from Scandinavia, first heard 24th Sept.
A visit from Capt. Trappings added a couple more to the garden  list after a leaf-mining session on  apple, raspberry, birch and hawthorn.
The vast majority of mines were Lyonetia clerkella  found on Birch, Apple, Bird-cherry, Hawthorn  in epidemic proportions, occasionally found on Cotoneaster.
A reasonable estimate would be a quarter of a million or more ....
263 ... Lyonetia clerkella mines on Apple, Bird-cherry and Birch
.... multiply the above by EVERY leaf and it doesn't leave much room for other mining species !

One of the mines on the birch could be 301 Parornix betulae, unfortunately the larvae had vacated all of the dozen or so mines found, so ID is not conclusive.
 The usual rustics, underwings, characters and pale mottled creatures are still filling the traps.
Best of the rest ...
Red-green Carpet
Large Ranunculus x 4
Brimstone Moth
Garden Carpet x 4
Common Marbled Carpet
Brimstone Moth
Barred Sallow
Blair's Shoulder-knot x 9
Double-striped Pug
Depressaris badiella
Prays fraxinella, Ash Bud Moth
449 ...  Prays fraxinella ... Ash Bud Moth
 Orthopygia glaucinalis
1415 ...  Orthopygia glaucinalis,... Double-striped Tabby 
30th Sept ...
Apart from most of the stuff above ....
3 x Beaded Chestnut
1 x Brown-spot Pinion ... Best year for this species since my records began in 2009
1 x Mallow ... YF

1745 ... Mallow
1 x Spruce Carpet
4 x Garden Carpet
2 x Common Marbled Carpet
0310 ... Callisto denticulella ... ( adult recorded this year)

310 ... Callisto denticulella .. Garden Apple Slender, on Bramley Apple 

0323 ... Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae ... new for the garden, the result of planting a few Hawthorn seedlings 2 years ago.
323 ... Phyllonorycter oxyacanthae  ...  Common Thorn Midget, on Hawthorn

0050 ... Stigmella aurella ... another new species for the garden which has taken a liking to my 2 year old Raspberry row.
50 ... Stigmella aurella ..  Golden Pigmy, on Raspberry 

ABOVE .... A little Sprucie bonus .... 1769 ...Spruce Carpet

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