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Sunday, 13 April 2014

12th April 2014 ... Garden moth traps latest

overnight min. temp. 7deg c. Clear early evening, clouding over later.
The almost full bright moon in the early evening hours meant little activity around the traps, plus a chilly feel in the air.
I think my replacement min/max temperature unit is reading a degree or two high as it seemed much cooler than the 7 degrees it was displaying.
It did cloud over later in the night with a little misty rain and a few moths were in the traps on the morning inspection.
Shuttle-shaped Dart numbers are about to take off which means my local Sparrows will soon be hanging around the traps each morning, fluttering their wings in the hope that I will provide them with a tasty Shuttle  or Heart and Dart to feed their growing broods.
This is quite an unusual sight to see, especially the males,  it's like they are newly fledged juveniles begging  food from the parents and I have to admit that the occasional worn common moth misses the release pot.
Highlight of the Night ...
A common micro moth making its first appearance for the year.
1342, Eudonia angustea

The catch:-
0892 ... Mompha subbistrigella, x 1
0998 ... Epiphyas postvittana, x 1
1342 ... Eudonia angustea, x 1, ... year first
1524 ... Emmelina monodactyla, x 2
1862 ... Double-striped Pug, x 2
1728 ... Garden Carpet, x 1
2092 ... Shuttle-shaped Dart, x 3
2187 ... Common Quaker, x 2
2188 ... Clouded Drab, x 1
2190 ... Hebrew Character, x 3
2243 ... Early Grey, x 6
2306 ... Angle Shades, x 1

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