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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

15th April 2014 ... Garden Traps Latest ... Agonopterix purpurea ??

Min. overnight temperature - 1.6deg C.
Much happier with my new Oregon weather-station, the one it replaced read 4.5 deg minimum which was far too high.
Calm and clear, full moon
An Agonopterix sp was netted in the late afternoon and given its tiny size it is a strong candidate for Agonopterix purpurea.
This moth was last recorded in Bedfordshire on the 1904 Victoria County records.
It has been retained for gen det.
A worn individual, remnants of the markings can just about be seen in this "shot in a pot" pic.

691 ... Agonopterix purpurea ?

Despite the full moon and cold conditions, a small variety of moths found their way in and around the traps.
3 x Angle Shade's had pupated and hatched in the garden shed and were drawn to the window by the trap lights outside, as were 3 x Mompha subbistrigella and a White-shouldered House-moth.
Highlight of the Night
KNOT GRASS ... which may equal the earliest VC30 record
The Catch:-
0648 ... Endrosis sarcitrella, x 1
0691 ... Agonopterix purpurea, x 1 .... To be confirmed (garden first, if confirmed and first VC30 record for 110 years)
0892 ... Mompha subbistrigella, x 3
1781 ... Small Waved Umber, x 1
Small Waved Umber
1862 ... Double-striped Pug, x 1
1927 ... Brindled Beauty, x 1
Brindled Beauty
2092 ... Shuttle-shaped Dart, x 1
2182 ... Small Quaker, x 1
2243 ... Early Grey, x 3
Early Grey
2289 ... Knot Grass, x 1 ... year first
Knot Grass
2306 ... Angle Shades, x 3
2389 ... Pale Mottled Willow, x 1


  1. Nice catch considering full moon and cold conditions.
    I will try again tonight but we had a frost this morning!
    I am with you all the way with purpurea, it is a moth I have only seen twice, but it is so distinctive.
    Well done!

    1. Cheers Ben, it's a bit warmer tonight but Mr Moon is going to be bright in the sky