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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Gen det produces a garden first Clouded Slender

No, not an April Fool prank !
This Caloptilia was posted on 16th March this year.
I had a guess at C. syringella and retained it for our county micro recorder.
The results came back today and it has been identified as 281 Caloptilia populetorum which is only the second record for VC30, the first being in 2003 in the R.I.S. Trap at Cockayne Hatley.
Information and gen det from David Manning, Beds and Northants micro moth recorder. 

281, Caloptilia populetorum
 Micro no. 292 for The Dells garden


  1. Congrats Trent.
    I had a few last year on field trips, but never seen a garden one.

  2. I would say that a lot of these micros are overlooked or ignored.