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Saturday, 12 July 2014

11th July 2014 ... Garden moths update

Last nights trap results.
Min temp 14.9 deg C
Brown-tail made it's 2014 appearance the previous evening followed by 3 more last night. Still no Yellow-tail to date.
5 Diamond-backed moths was a good tally for this tiny migrant and Small Ranunculus just keeps on coming.
Dusky Sallow, Mere Wainscot and Campion were present in the traps.
Sycamore, Poplar Grey and Grey Dagger (agg) represented the Acronicta family, Poplar and Privet were the only two Hawk-moths.
Silver Y, Shaded Broad-bar, Garden Carpet, Peppered Moth, Marbled Beauty, Small Waved Umber, Least Carpet and Dot Moth were amongst the Darts, Rustics and Underwings.
Double-striped and Bordered were the only Pugs, Bordered being a year tick.
Above ... Brown-tail, from 10th July

A year first 366a Cameraria ohridella

Bordered Pug

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