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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

30th June 2014 ..Garden Moths latest

The last three nights have been on the cool side by late afternoon and into the evening.
Catch numbers have been low and micro moths have been scarce, especially the small ones.
Last night was much better and the temperature stayed in the high teens until the early hours.
The day started off well with a Large Skipper being added to the butterfly year list.
above ... Large Skipper

New additions to garden moth year ...

28th June
1115 .. Ancylis achatana
2192 .. Brown-line Bright-eye
2293 .. Marbled Beauty
30th June
0426 .. Yponomeuta mallinellus
1165 .. Epiblema foenella
1921 .. Scalloped Oak
Top to bottom as listed

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