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Friday, 18 July 2014

17th July 2014 . New county macro moth

Warm and humid conditions of late have seen the traps absolutely crawling with creatures, mostly moths.
An electrical storm with accompanying torrential rain at around 2am put a damper on proceedings but by then I had already racked up a good selection.
The undoubted highlight was a county first macro moth ....
KENT BLACK ARCHES, normally found on the south coast around to the East Anglian coast but appears to be slowly spreading inland.
Two female OAK EGGAR, one captured, one flying around the trap were followed by a stunning male inside the trap on the morning inspection.
Males are rarely seen, females are annual in the garden.
below :-
2076 Kent Black Arches
Would you care to dance ?  1637 Oak Eggar
No !
Too late mate, note the egg that rolled out of the capture pot .. top left
moving on ...
More year firsts ...

It was in pristine condition, but took the full force of the deluge as it sat below the gap in the skinner trap.
below ... A site first micro that will require gen det, either way it's a site first
My pick is ... 844 Syncopacma larseniella but it could equally be
847 . Syncopacma taeniolella

below ..
1380 . Phlyctaenia perlucidalis

1645 . Scalloped Hook-tip

2003 . Pebble Prominent

16th July
Year list additions
0873 . Blastobasis adustella
1108 . Lobesia obscisana
1304 . Agriphila straminella
2303 . Straw Underwing
The second generation of Toadflax Brocade is on the wing with singles on 16th and 17th ...
Toadflax Brocade

1108 . Lobesia obscesana


  1. Congrats on the first County record! Always nice to make up for all that expensive electricity used :) I must post specimens to David Manning next week.
    Supposed to be running a field trip tonight at my parents farm, hoping the rain stops by then....
    Hope all is well your end.

    1. Foprecast not too bad, it was nice in the Jaywick/Clacton area today... pity I was working !
      Good luck with the traps tonight