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Monday, 14 July 2014

Oh dear what can a matter be ....

... three old ladies etc ...
Well 5 Old Lady's actually, the most ever recorded in a single night in the garden.
The night of the 12th was calm, warm, humid and overcast, perfect conditions for moth trapping.
Around 120 species with half a dozen to be ID'd, but very few new ones for the year list.
In contrast, last night was much cooler with a fresh feel and a big near full moon poking through the sparse cloud cover.
A much lower species total but Barred Straw and Small Rivulet were added.
below ... 3 of the 5 Old Lady's

Cydia splendana
below, Pammene regiana
A site first and one I forgot to photograph, except for a poor "potshot"
Newbies on the 13th ...
Small Rivulet

Barred Straw

Chrysoesthia drurella
netted by grandson Louie.
Good catch, not many adults seen in the garden.

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