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Friday, 22 August 2014

21st Aug 2014 .. Some variety at last, plus a macro ID query

Something different to the usual brown stuff at last.
12 deg minimum and overcast with humidity and the overnight low of 12 deg was at sunrise.
Still plenty of brown stuff with a sharp increase of Large Yellow Underwing.
At their peak I average about 80 of these moth cockroaches a night with high counts topping the 100 mark.
Turnip Moth numbers are rising and there are still traps-ful of Straw Underwing and Vine's Rustic.
Shuttle-shaped Dart and Setaceous Hebrew Character have peaked and are in decline.
Common Rustics have all but finished.
20th Aug
Toadflax Brocade ...
 ... is one of my garden "stock" moths.
I have recorded this RDB species since 2009 and there has been a steady increase in numbers for both the May/June and July/August generations.
Not just in my garden as in 2009, but in other areas of the county and beyond which is good news for this attractive species. 
The food plant remains a mystery as I have only seen one Common Toadflax plant (Linaria vulgaris)in the area and that is a half a mile from my garden and no Pale Toadflax (Linaria repens).
After looking in the surrounding gardens, only a couple have a small patch of Snapdragons (  Antirrhinum ) which I know the larva will feed on after observing two larva that emerged from eggs that were laid in a pot.
So for 2 years I have planted  Snapdragon patches but to date have found no larva.
The family of plants which includes Linaria and antirrhinum is huge, so perhaps another foodplant will come to light, excuse the unintended pun.
From the 5th May ( everything was early this spring) I have recorded 14 in May and 5  to mid June.
The second generation appeared on 16th July with 6 in July and 3 to date in August.
Another of my "stock" moths is Small Ranunculus.
Again I had the monopoly on this species 5 years ago in these parts but I'm happy to say, not any more...
21st Aug
Small Ranunculus

Some more of last nights catch :-
Nephopterix angustella
Old Lady
Orange Sallow
Bulrush Wainscot, female
Cochylis hybridella
Unidentified ... ? a worn Dingy Shears ??
And a welcome night visitor ...

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