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Sunday, 3 August 2014

2nd Aug 2014 .. Oranges and Lemons

Two additions to the garden macro moth list ....

Orange Swift and Canary-shouldered Thorn were added to the garden list on the coolest night for a couple of weeks or more.
Shuttle-shaped Darts are now filling the traps with 40 recorded and Vine's Rustic 2nd generation are now with us.
The recent wave of Pyrausta aurata are very purple compared with the earlier brown examples and could easily be confused with Pyrausta purpurea.
above ... Pyrausta aurata.

A micro turned up last night which has me confused.
I thought it was Agriphila straminella But this one has a double chevron and a hint of silvery wing tips which are a little worn.
Not a good photo, just a quick snap to help me list the species. . .

any offers ?
I didn't retain it so that's the best shot I have of it.
228 . Monopis weaverella was a new for year micro ...

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