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Friday, 19 September 2014

18th Sept 2014 ... Moth Traps catch list

A very warm evening, 16 deg with cloud cover and high humidity.
A sharp shower during the night soaked the egg boxes in the traps but there were some interesting moths present.
A year first Deep-brown Dart was a good find as they are scarce in my garden.
Deep-brown Dart
And a probable year last Swallow-tailed Moth was unexpected.
Swallow-tailed Moth
The Catch:-
Caloptillia rufipennella, 1
Cameraria ohridella, 10
Plutella xylostella, 6
Carcina quercana, 4
Clepsis consimilana, 1
Epiphyas postvittana, 2
Acleris variegana, 3
Agriphila geniculea, 3
Eudonia angustea, 2
Hypsopygia costalis, 1
Emmelina monodactyla, 3

Small Emerald, 1
Small Blood-vein, 2
Small Dusty Wave, 1
Garden Carpet, 1
Yellow Shell, 1
Grey Pine Carpet, 1
Swallow-tailed Moth, 1
Willow Beauty, 6
Light Emerald, 1
Turnip Moth, 1
Shuttle-shaped Dart, 5
Large Yellow Underwing, 30
Lesser Yellow Underwing, 9
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, 1
Setaceous Hebrew Character, 4
Square-spot Rustic, 3
Small Ranunculus, 1
Nutmeg, 1
Common Wainscot, 4
Deep-brown Dart, year first, 1
Lunar Underwing, 13
Angle Shades, 2
Vine's Rustic, 4
Pale Mottled Willow, 12

I've always had a soft spot for Hedgehogs, so I was thrilled to see 3 babies that had ventured forth from the compost heap for their first forage around the garden

All were returned to the nearby nest after the photo shoot and I will have to be careful where I tread for a few nights.

Grey Pine Carpet
Thanks Ben Sale .... I originally posted the above as Spruce Carpet 


  1. Nice Deep-brown Dart, scarce here too, in fact I have yet to see a garden one. I have a sneaky suspicion that your Spruce is in fact a Grey-pine :)

    1. Spot on mate, I've altered the blog. Cheers Hawkeye :)