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Monday, 22 September 2014

21st Sept 2014 ... Givin' it Large

Much cooler last night with min temp at 6.8 deg C.
Two more for the year list ...
Large Wainscot
Brown-spot Pinion
Best of the Rest ...
Old Lady
Orange Sallow
Rosy Rustic
Light Emerald
Cabbage Moth
Common Marbled (1) and Garden Carpet (3)
Large Yellow Underwings are looking worse for wear now but are still present in numbers, 18 last night.
Lunar Underwing numbers have increased, along with Shuttle-shaped Dart, 24 and 12 respectively.
Of the few micros, Celypha striana and a female Parapoynx stratiotata were the pick of the crop.
Agriphila geniculea numbers are now very low, just one was recorded from last night.

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