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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Latest garden moths

Large Yellow Underwing numbers have dropped to double figures over the last few days due to cooler nights and a full moon in the clear sky.
Still plenty of Square-spot Rustic and Flounced Rustic
On the 8th Sept the first Lunar Underwing turned up, soon to become the most numerous moths in the traps.
Lunar Underwing
The Agonopterix below is a little worn but it looks like A. nervosa. (tbc)
Agonopterix nervosa
 A steady stream of autumn Small Blood-vein, lots of fresh Garden Carpet and the smaller 2nd or 3rd generation Brimstone Moths and Willow Beauty are coming through.
Other 2nd generation singles include Oak Hook-tip, Treble-bar, Small Square-spot, Common Marbled Carpet and Campion.
Oak Hook-tip
Small Square-spot
Common Marbled Carpet
Orange Sallow added a splash of colour in the trap, second record this year
Orange Sallow

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