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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

27th April 2015 ... Half century

The predicted invasion of Shuttle-shaped Darts was put on hold due to the poor conditions of late, the only decent night was the 25th when there were a good selection in flight but the persistent rain meant the trap covers were in use.
Wet traps or fewer moths is the choice.
The half century was reached on the 25th with a Brimstone Moth or Common Pug depending on the Wine Race committee accepting Oak Eggar in larval form, my case being the acceptance of micro moth leaf mines. Ben ? Matt ?

Oak Eggar larva,
80mm long on a Hawthorn sapling trunk at ground level
Oak Eggar larva, 80mm

Brimstone Moth

Common Pug

Apart from the above, the only other highlight of the week were my Mums 90th birthday party and the first sightings of Orange-tip butterflies in the garden, 2 x males, both on 27th April.
The poor mothing conditions are with us for a few more days according to the weather forecast and so far this year I am 25 species down on 2014.

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  1. I best count minings of Stigmella aurella and the two Pschye casta cases on my wall :)