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Monday, 25 April 2011

24th April 2011...DELLS latest

It wasn't as good as the previous evening but I still managed to add 1 macro and 2 more micros to the garden tally.
I noticed that "Stewart of the North" caught a Heart & Dart so I guess the traps will soon be infested with them for several weeks, it's nice to see the first one tho...and then it's the Rustic/uncertain/do your head in Moths to follow !
BRIMSTONE MOTH 1906...I have had 15 of these in the last three nights and although they are common they are still a cracking moth

The latest pug addition...MOTTLED PUG 1819

A new micro...EPHESTIA PARASITELLA ssp UNICOLORELLA 1474.....The nominate species is from Southern Europe and the sub species Unicolorella is the only one found in Britain (Thanks to our micro recorder for the ID and info)

First for the year...Garden Pebble... Evergestis forficalis 1356 Garden Totals:-

19 x Shuttle-shaped Dart

5 x Brimstone Moth

3 x Garden Carpet

2 x Evergestis forficalis *year first

2 x Scalloped Hazel (both very worn)

2 x Flame Shoulder

Incurvaria masculella

Esperia sulphurella

Early Grey

Grey Dagger agg

Waved Umber

Red Twin-spot Carpet

Hebrew Character

Common Quaker

Emmelina monodactyla

Muslin Moth

Powdered Quaker

Ephestia parasitella ssp unicolorella *Garden First

Mottled Pug *year first

5 x Unidentified Pugs


88 species......58 macro, 30 micro

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