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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trap update and bloom from the garden

Skinner No.1 ..................2 x 11watt PL. BL350 actinic and a 20 watt Blacklight tube.
Skinner No.2....Revamped again. 2 x 25 watt FUL actinic and a 25 watt Blacklight BC lamp. This used to have 4 x 25 watt FUL lamps but was far too bright for my smallish garden.
15 watt Blacklight flourescent fitting with rain guard. The horseshoe is for good luck ! Good for early evening micros so far and pulled in the Least Black Arches last night.
Bee Fly
One of 3 small apple trees in bloom in the garden. This particular one is an old variety of eating apple, Charles West.
Forget-me-Nots.....once established these self seed everywhere
David Cameron

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