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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Is anyone brave enough to name these pugs ?

These are a few of the pug shots from last year PUG A


  1. I would say

    A. Satyr Pug
    B. Currant Pug
    C. Oak-tree Pug
    D. not sure but could be Brindled Pug
    E. Satyr Pug again
    F. Brindled Pug

  2. Hi Trent,

    I like a challenge so I'll put my neck on the block for everyone to chop my id to bits...

    Pug A - Common
    Pug B - Wormwood/Currant
    Pug C - almost certainly Oak-tree, cos of the pale patch beyond the black wing mark
    Pug D - the black dashes radiating from the black forewing mark make this a Mottled
    Pug E - could be Common again or one of the more difficult (Yarrow? Plain?)
    Pug F - another Wormwood/Currant

    Anyone else got any offers?

    Steve T

  3. Yes looking again, agree F Wormwood with narrower wings B is most certainly Currant.

    D yep how did I not get that! Mottled

    Still think A could be Satyr as Common does not have the chequered veins, although this would depnd on what habitat you found this one. Satyr is extremely local in boggy areas.

  4. Had a quick squint, I reckon:
    A=Common, B=Currant, C=Grey, D=Mottled, E=Common, F=Common

    Disclaimer - naming pugs from photos with no indications of size, date, habitat, and viewed at an odd angle is fraught with identification hazards!

  5. Thanks Guys ! There is no full answer to the quiz I'm afraid. B is definitely Wormwood Pug, they are quite common in my garden, C is Oak-tree Pug and D has been ID'd as Mottled.
    Of the rest, ( some were sent to our macro recorder ) No definite ID received but A,E,& F were probably Common Pug.
    Thank you for your participation, all disclaimers accepted, and considering the lack of info, a damn good effort.
    I thought it might "tune " you in to the forthcoming onrush that is the pug minefield, where we squint at every angle and stare at PC screen photos until our eyes blur ! (:0)) Good luck this year