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Thursday, 28 April 2011

27th April 2011...Cold weather returns

First things first...Happy Birthday Mum, 86 not out and going strong.....Mothwise, a little slow since the weather changed with temps at a kick above 3 degrees last night. On the night of the 26th I went to Home Wood with Captain Trappings for our monthly trap session and although some interseting species were caught (mostly carpets), the wind was blowing down the rides and it was much colder than the previous few nights, undoubtedly affecting numbers. The report will appear on Matts blog thetrappingsofsuccess.
A few new species have been added to the garden list after sorting out a few ID's.....ELACHISTA RUFOCINEREA 608, from 21st April

ADELA REAUMURELLA 150, 23rd April, the white patch is flash glare

Year first appearance for TURNIP MOTH 2087, 26th April

SWALLOW PROMINENT 2007, my 4th this year

Get used to it ! HEART & DART 2089, 27th April

5th 2011 record for SCALLOPED HAZEL 1920
93 garden species to date, 59 macro, 34 micro


  1. Hi Trent,
    Your Macro list is similar to mine, down here in Kent, but I've had very few micros so far. I've put a link to "we are the campions" on my blog.

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  3. Hi Tony, welcome, I have your link on my blog so it'll be interesting to compare species. Nice to keep in touch with my county of birth as I was originally from the village of Horsmonden. Cheers

  4. And I thought I was doing well with 63 species. What are you putting in that trap of yours?!


  5. I wish I knew Bill....I'm at 61 for macros after last night, that's 25 ahead of last year..The magic ingredient must be warmth. Last April was colder than a polar bears chuff as I recall, with a lot more rainy nights.

  6. Your Adele sp. is rufimitrella not reaumurella