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Friday, 29 April 2011

28th April 2011...Royal Wedding

It would have been appropriate to blog a few Royal related moths today, I checked the traps this morning but nothing doing.
How about a Coronet with a few Emeralds, Some White Ermine with a Royal Mantle would have been nice.
The royal coach flanked by Common Footmen, and lots of Waves from the Many Lined streets.
In the evening a possible sighting of a Small Rivulet and a Maidens Blush.
That's enough of that......Last night was windy and wet but I still managed to trap 41 moths of 10 species, with 2 new ticks for The Dells garden.
ENARMONIA FORMOSANA 1216 Cherry-bark Moth

A regular visitor to the lights and a stunner !

GREY PINE CARPET 1768, a year first

POWDERED QUAKER 2186....regular, almost nightly at this time of year.

COMMON PUG 1834 Totals :-

28 x Shuttle-shaped Dart

4 x Pale Mottled Willow

2 x Turnip Moth

Small Waved Umber

Hebrew Character

Powdered Quaker

Grey Pine Carpet *year first

Common Pug

Flame Shoulder

Enarmonia formosana *year first

The garden total now stands at 95 species, with 60 macros and 35 micros. (see pages, top left of blog for macro/micro lists)

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