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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

25th April 2011...OOPS !

I have had a look at some of my pics to put into a file for 2011 macros, and to my horror, I have to strike one off the list !
I recorded this as a WHITE ERMINE when in fact it is a female MUSLIN MOTH. This is the first female seen in my garden if that is an excuse !
Saying that, I now have to check my 2010 records and see if the same mistake has been made. SO, it's now 57 macros and 32 micros for a total to date of 89 species (with 2 more micros awaiting ID)
Last nights northerly wind put a damper on proceedings with 46 moths caught of 16 species. 26 of the 46 were Shuttle-shaped Darts

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