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Monday, 16 May 2011

15th May 2011 ... Doldrums

We seem to be stuck in a cool, breezy/windy weather pattern at the moment. Throw in a bright moon and conditions are not good for the moth trap.

Very little to report over the last two or 3 days, although I managed to add...COMMON MARBLED CARPET 1764 to this years garden tally.

The micro here is, I think, Dichrorampha simpliciana 1281 The flight times given by UK moths says it flies in July, but I had one a few days ago, very similar to this one, and the micro recorder ID'd it as simpliciana. Last year I had a few D. acuminatana which is very similar also.

RUSTIC SHOULDER-KNOT 2334 along with Large Rustic are appearing at a healthy rate. Minors are starting to turn up in greater numbers, I have had a Tawny Marbled Minor identified by gen. det. but this one can be recorded as MARBLED MINOR agg. until I get a few more checked.

WILLOW BEAUTY 1937 a very common sight on the walls around the traps. The wine sidebet :-

Neck and neck at the mo with Captain Trappings at 147 species and myself right up his hammer with 146


  1. Go on Trent, stick it to him ;) ( PS I've said that to Matt too :)