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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

23rd May 2011...A wee bit blowwy

The Mets 45mph wind forecast was way out, gusts of 60mph at least ripped through my garden.
I put a trap out in the most sheltered part of the garden, hoping for some exotic blow-in, but no luck.
The wind did ease up a bit later last night and 40 plus moths were recorded of 13 species, 21 of which were Heart & Dart.
Stretched clouds, caused by the wind made for a good looking sunset.


Dichrorampha species....probably


21 x Heart & Dart

2 x Dark Arches

3 x Marbled Minor agg.

1 x Brimstone Moth

2 x L:arge Nutmeg

1 x Garden Carpet

1 x Cinnabar

1 x Treble Lines

3 x Shuttle-shaped Dart

1 x Vine's Rustic

3 x Uncertain

1 x Aglossa pinguinalis

1 x Dichrorampha plumbana/aeratana

Nothing new (:0((

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