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Friday, 20 May 2011

19th May 2011...BLUE MURDER !

I will publish HALF of the two traps results later.
The gap in my Skinner trap is 25mm...........Well it managed to get IN, but judging by the pile of wings in the trap, it's no surprise that it couldn't get back OUT !
No BF number available for PARUS CAERULEUS ....... unbelievable ! Garden species.....
107 macro, 48 micro, 1 Blue Tit !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I've seen Blue Tits taking the cream off the milk but this guy takes the biscuit!

    Not smart enough to get back out though...

    Steve T

  2. That Blue Tit had eaten about a half pound of moths, it was too fat to squeeze back out........Do you think I can add 2301 Bird's Wing to my garden mothing list ?

  3. You'll need to get up earlier Trent :)