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Monday, 2 May 2011

1st May 2011....Lime Dancing

Two members of the LIME HAWKMOTH formation dance team.

The garden species list hit the "ton" last night with this superb GREEN SILVER-LINES 2422

The Dells garden was firing on all two cylinders last night as WHITE ERMINE 2060 was added to the 2011 list

Apart from Esperia sulphurella seen flying during the day, the micros have been in short supply, Maybe they dislike the strong easterly breeze that's been blowing through the garden for the last 4 days. I am still finding the little White Shouldered House-moths in the garden shed and the once frequent Agonopterix heracliana have all disappeared to be replaced by......


1st May :-

18 x Shuttle-shaped Dart

2 x Turnip Moth

2 x Lime Hawkmoth

2 x Hebrew Character (soon to be replaced by Setaceous H C )

2 x Endrosis sarcitrella...White Shouldered House-moth

2 x Very worn Pugs... U.F.O's

Esperia sulphurella (daytime)

Brimstone Moth

Knot Grass

Garden Carpet

Flame Shoulder

Waved Umber

Muslin Moth

Green Silver-lines *year first

White Ermine *year first

101 species....66 macro, 35 micro


  1. Well done on breaking the ton, Trent. I had a surprise Silver-ground Carpet last night.

  2. Well done on 100 species! next target, 100 Macro's? keep the good trapping up.

  3. I got a single S-g Carpet last year, they're scarce in my garden although they are common locally, so I'll be watching out for that one.
    I caught it on June 30th so yours is a real early one, but it follows a trend this year. Cheers Dean

  4. Cheers Ben, I haven't set a target yet, but 250 macros would be nice, and say 150 micros......OK there's the target..400 species this year ! (:0))

  5. Super stuff Trent. Knocks my paltry 54 sp into a cocked hat! I had 329 sp last year so thats my goal...