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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

9th May 2011...Another Toadflax !

This is possibly the third TOADFLAX BROCADE 2223 to visit The Dells. It is definitely different to the first one, but the second one may have found its way back to the garden as the release point is not too far away, and the markings matched the first one exactly.
That's all clear then !

"First for year" is this very strange creature that looks like a snapped off piece of Silver Birch twig, a disguise that seems to fool the local sparrows........BUFF_TIP 1994

Another garden year tick, the familiar Eurrhypara hortulata 1376, SMALL MAGPIE 9th May :-

10 x Heart & Dart

10 x Setaceous Hebrew Character

15 x Shuttle-shaped Dart

2 x Brimstone Moth

1 x Early Grey

1 x Green Carpet

1 x Yellow-barred Brindle

1 x Flame Shoulder

1 x Green Pug

1 x Mottled Pug

3 x Common Pug

1 x Scalloped Hazel

1 x Toadflax Brocade

1 x Puss Moth

2 x Garden Carpet

1 x Small Waved Umber

1 x Buff-tip *year first

3 x Large Nutmeg

1 x Rustic Shoulder-knot

Evergestis forficalis

Platyedra subcinerea

Eurrhypara hortulata * year first

Ditula angustiorana * year first

Epiblema cynosbatella

Argyresthia trifasciata

Enarmonia formosana

Cochylis dubitana

Garden Totals to date:-

138 species.......95 macro, 43 micro


  1. Buff Tips fool no one up here Trent! Birds nip heads and wings off just like the rest.

  2. This one managed to sit on my Silver Birch tree undetected all day, probably because the birds were full of S.S.Darts & Heart and Darts. I'm plagued with them at the mo