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Friday, 20 May 2011

19th May 2011.....Half of last nights trap yields

After losing all the moths in Skinner #1 to an adventurous Blue Tit, here are Trap #2 results plus potted species from walls.
Six more species for the year and it may have been more but I didn't really have the time to sift through a pile of wings !
The wine side bet has swung my way again. I am 4 or 5 species ahead now, but Captain Trappings is putting up his large gazebo tonight.
He hangs a couple of 1200mm disco u/v lights inside and leaves the two ends open. It's very productive and I could find myself playing catch-up after the weekend.
Anyway, back to the moths.

EPINOTIA BILUNANA 1133 year first

HEDYA PRUNIANA 1082.... first record for the Plum Tortrix

SANDY CARPET 1808 year first

MOTTLED RUSTIC 2387 year first

UNCERTAIN 2381....The Rustic will be out a couple of weeks or so after The Uncertain

LIGHT EMERALD 1961 year first

19th May :-

8 x Heart and Dart

2 x Setaceous Hebrew Character

5 x Shuttle-shaped Dart

2 x Small Waved Umber

1 x Pale Tussock

4 x Marbled Minor agg.

1 x Common Marbled Carpet

6 x Willow Beauty

6 x Large Nutmeg

2 x Light Emerald * year first

3 x Garden Carpet

1 x White Ermine

5 x Vine's Rustic

3 x Green Pug

1 x Buff-tip1 x Angle Shades

1 x Mottled Rustic * year first

1 x Scalloped Hazel

3 x Treble Lines

3 x Turnip Moth

1 x Sandy Carpet * year first

1 x Common Wainscot

3 x Common Pug

1 x Uncertain * year first

4 x Endrosis sarcitrella

4 x Epiphyas postvittana

3 x Aphomia sociella

1 x Clepsis consimilana

1 x Epinotia bilunana * year first

1 x Hofmannophila pseudospretella

1 x Celypha lacunana

1 x Platyedra subcinerea

1 x Hedya pruniana ** garden first


167 species.....114 macro, 53 micro

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