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Saturday, 18 June 2011

17th June 2011...Can you name this moth ?

It was too wet for the traps last night so I put on the 36watt fluorescent blacklight in the window while i was on the PC.
Amazing what turns up, even tho it was pouring down for most of the time.
Among the 17 visitors, was what I thought to be either Blastobasis lacticolella or Platyedra subcinerea, both of which are regularly found in my garden and the size is about right.
Now that I have had a closer look of the hurriedly taken pics, I don't think it is either.
I have sent pics to our County micro recorder who cannot name it at the moment.
Having checked the web images, I'm inclined to think it is maybe Depressaria badiella 674..
Anyone ???????

The "laid back" hour produced :-

5 x Common Footman

4 x Heart and Dart

1 x Heart and Club

1 x Uncertain

1 x Garden Carpet

1 x The Miller

1 x Bright-line Brown-eye

1 x Crambus perlella

1 x Cnephasia agg

1 x Freyer's Pug

1 x Mystery micro

The wine bet.....

Good news for Captain Trappings, he has picked up an unforeseen point by default.

After my periodic checks I found that I had counted Monopis obviella obvious mistake, SO, here is the latest :-

Trent Duval.............. 251 species (154 mac, 97 mic)

Cpt. Trappings.........243 species (144 mac, 99 mic)


  1. ...And how many others have you counted twice? 247 species with 1 micro pending.

    Your moth looks more like 786 Bryotropha desertella to me. It looks the wrong shape for depressaria.....however if it is that, it would be a 1st for VC30 as it is a coastal moth inhabiting sand dunes.....

  2. It appears to be more like Bryotropha than Depressaria. I found images online of "desertella" and some are spot on.
    I didn't retain it so I may record it as an unidentified Bryotropha spp

  3. desertella has been ruled out

  4. I'm pretty sure this is Blastobasis lacticolella, based on wing shape alone. They can be quite variable in markings.

    Looking at your year list though, I don't think its going to make too much of a difference either way!

    Cheers, Bill

  5. Bill, after going around the houses with it to try and squeeze another tick, I am inclined to agree with you. Cheers