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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

26th June 2011...GLUT

It's been hard finding the time to keep up with the blog and records at this time of year....and I am not working at the mo, so I don't know how you guys with full time jobs manage !
Caught a nice new addition for the garden, BLUE-BORDERED CARPET

and made a few inroads into Captain Trappings leading species total, with double-figures new or year first arrivals. VAPOURER expected in the traps and at this time of year and didn't disappoint........ ..... and this FOXGLOVE PUG was potted on the shed wall YEAR FIRSTS... NEW FOR GARDEN... MACRO...MICRO
20 plus Common Footman
3 x Scarce Footman
8 x Heart and Dart
1 x Vapourer
3 x Dot Moth
3 x Yellow Shell
2 x Small Dusty Wave
7 x Riband Wave
2 x Swallow-tailed Moth
5 x Fan-foot
1 x Smoky Wainscot
5 x V-Pug
1 x Silver-Y
1 x Blue-bordered Carpet
1 x Clouded Silver
1 x Iron Prominent
1 x Small Emerald
1 x Ruby Tiger
1 x Varied Coronet
2 x Grey Dagger agg
5 x Uncertain
8 x Dark Arches
2 x Large Yellow Underwing
2 x Double Square-spot
1 x Least Carpet
1 x Small Blood-vein
1 x Toadflax Pug
1 x Treble Brown Spot
1 x Blackneck
1 x Single Dotted Wave
1 x Common Emerald
1 x Scalloped Oak
1 x Mottled Rustic
1 x Rustic Shoulder-knot
1 x Marbled Minor agg
2 x Double-striped Pug
1 x Green Pug
20 Other pugs not identified
1 x Light Arches
3 x Pale Mottled Willow
3 x Willow Beauty
2 x Rustic
1 x Heart and Club

6 x Aphomia sociella
5 x Eudonia mercurella
2 x Acleris forsskaleana
2 x Eurrhypara hortulata
2 x Homoeosoma sinuella
2 x Sitochroa verticalis
2 x Phlyctaenia coronata
1 x Yponomeuta cagnagella
2 x Teleiodes vulgella
1 x Batia lunaris
1 x Phtheochroa rugosana
3 x Cnephasia agg
1 x Ephestia parasitella
1 x Orthopygia glaucinalis
1 x Phycita roborella
1 x Parapoynx stratiotata
2 x Mompha subbistrigella
1 x Epiblema foenella
1 x Pandemis cerasana
15+ x Crambus lathoniellus
15+ x Chrysoteuchia culmella
284 species....175 macro, 109 micro


  1. You've labelled your Toadflax as Foxglove. I'm still waiting for that, I will post my totals soon.......

  2. Keeping up?! I'm well behind with my records, photos and posts after the superb weekend out and about and in the garden. May just about get something out this evening.