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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

27th June 2011.I don't care what the weather man says.....

We aborted the monthly Home Wood trapping on the basis of the severe weather warning. 25 to 50mm of rain with possible flash flooding and large hailstones. This was supposed to have hit us around 10.00pm but instead, it was very warm and humid with not a drop of rain until mid-day following.
In fact we missed the best mothing night of the year to date !
The garden traps/lights were switched on though for a good catch.
This garden first micro is huge, with a wingspan approaching 50mm. It normally inhabits reed beds so it was a surprise catch at The Dells.

RHOPOBOTA NAEVANA Holly TortrixStar catch of the night this STRATHMOPODA PEDELLA is only the 7th record for VC30Another new addition... MOMPHA OCHRACEELLAThe stunning SCARCE SILVER-LINES 2nd record for the gardenA year first ACLERIS VARIEGANA And finally the Gypsonoma species....

GYPSONOMA OPPRESSANA 1170 caught on GYPSONOMA DEALBANA 1169 from the 26th June GYPSONOMA SOCIANA 1168 26th for garden GREEN=macro, BLUE=micro, ORANGE=year first, RED=garden first

1 x Double Square-spot

2 x V-pug

4 x Swallow-tailed Moth

30 x Common Footman

20 x Riband Wave

1 x Treble Brown Spot

10 x Least Carpet

1 x Peppered Moth

6 x Uncertain

3 x Vapourer

2 x Poplar Grey

1 x Scarce Silver-lines

1 x Miller

9 x Dark Arches

2 x Small Ranunculus

1 x Sycamore

1 x Mottled Beauty

2 x Bright-line Brown-eye

1 x Marbled Minor agg

2 x Grey Dagger agg

6 x Scarce Footman

1 x Green Pug

1 x Privet Hawk-moth

1 x Cloaked Minor

2 x Buff Ermine

2 x Dot Moth

2 x Willow Beauty

2 x Large Yellow Underwing

1 x Small Dusty Wave

2 x Nutmeg

1 x Tawny Shears

1 x Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

1 x Figure of Eighty

1 x Dun-bar

1 x Chilo phragmitella

3 x Eudonia mercurella

8 x Chrysoteuchia culmella

12 x Crambus lathoniellus

1 x Crambus perlella

1 x Emmelina monodactyla

1 x Endrosis sarcitrella

2 x Ephestia parasitella

1 x Phlyctaenia coronata

1 x Acleris forsskaleana

2 x Yponomeuta cagnagella

1 x Yponomeuta malinellus

1 x Celypha striana

1 x Hofmannophila pseudospretella

1 x Aphelia paleana

1 x Batia unitella

1 x Mompha ochraceella

2 x Phycita roborella

1 x Acleris variegana

1 x Phlyctaenia perlucidalis

1 x Ancylis achatana

1 x Ditula angustiorana

1 x Agapeta hamana

1 x Gypsonoma oppressana

1 x Strathmopoda pedella

1 x Rhopobota naevana

1 x Gypsonoma dealbana (26th June)

1 x Gypsonoma sociana (26th June)


294 species...178 macro, 116 micro

No update on the wine bet, the Captain hasn't posted for a while, but he may be a short head in front

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  1. Where is the huge micro? It's must also be invisible- more string than a derro's belt I suspect!