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Sunday, 19 June 2011

19th June 2011

It was all going well until the clouds cleared and temps dropped from 14 deg to just 7 deg. Is it really June ?
The 100th micro was not to be, but 3 more macros were added to the year list.

SMOKY WAINSCOT 2198.. Thanks to Captain Trappings who pointed out that it was not a Common Wainscot.

MOTTLED BEAUTY 1941... only my second record TOTALS :- 255 species (158 macro, 97 micro)

I built a nest box on the inside of my shed and have had the local Blue Tits nest in it on two previous occasions.

Not this year, it is chock full of common wasp nest which will be on the local schools nature table in November/December. I will have to be wary when I check the shed lights in Aug/Sep...they seem to sting for fun at that time of year !

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