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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

21st June....Cream of the Crop

The gusty wind blew in some interesting moths to the garden last night, among them this CREAM-BORDERED GREEN PEA 2418

Don't know what this is...probably a Common Rustic agg. Size is ok.

Any suggestions (mothwise) welcome ?????????????????????

This one is a DOUBLE SQUARE-SPOT 2128, but a Triple-spotted Clay is easily missed as the markings are just about identical,,,see Matts blog, he's got pics of both. CELYPHA LACUNANA 1076 the wind kept the micro count well down last night.

Almost unbelievable....My second GRASS RIVULET 1807,

THE CLAY 2193,

BURNISHED BRASS 2434, quite a worn bedraggled example, but a year tick.

LEAST CARPET 1699 My 3rd so far, with a few more to follow no doubt. 1 x Cream-bordered Green Pea ** garden first

2 x Garden Carpet

1 x Bright-line Brown-eye

16 x Common Footman

2 x Scarce Footman

3 x Riband Wave

1 x Peppered Moth

15 x Uncertain

11 x Heart and Dart

3 x Heart and Club

12 x Dark Arches

3 x Light Arches

4 x Buff Ermine

2 x Common Wainscot

1 x Smoky Wainscot

1 x Elephant Hawk-moth

1 x Privet Hawk-moth

2 x Marbled Minor agg.

3 x Willow Beauty

2 x Dwarf Cream Wave

1 x The Miller

1 x Yellow Shell

5 x Pale Mottled Willow

4 x The Flame

1 x The Lackey

1 x Least Carpet

1 x The Clay * year first

1 x Burnished Brass * year first

1 x Common Emerald

1 x Grass Rivulet

1 x Double Square-spot

3 x Eudonia mercurella

1 x Clepsis consimilana

3 x Ephestia parasitella

2 x Hofmannophila pseudospretella

2 x Emmelina monodactyla

2 x Epiblema uddmanniana

3 x Cnephasia agg.

2 x Aphomia sociella

1 x Celypha lacunana

262 species to date, 162 macro, 100 micro


  1. Hi Trent, the mystery macro looks like Dingy Shears to me.



  2. I would say the same, It's a bit faded though..

  3. I think your mystery moth is a Rustic Shoulder-knot, the shoulder mark seems to be just visible. I'm catching them in a similar colour condition at the moment.