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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

26th May 2014 .. Latest year list additrions ...

The wet and cooler conditions continue and look like staying until the weekend.
Just one trap runnung at the moment but with a rain cover which restricts its range.
A trickle of year firsts are still turning up with a Peppered Moth on 25th and Common Wainscot 26th.
Peppered Moth ...
Common Wainscot ...

Not much else apart from the usual Shuttle-shaped Darts, Pale Mottled Willows, Heart and Dart, and a large Turnip Moth
Light Brocade, Common Marbled Carpet added a splash of colour and Silver Y is now appearing nightly.
Very few micros, Carnation Tortrix and Pyrausta aurata by day and one Light Brown Apple Moth and Agonopterix arenella during the night.
Agonopterix arenella below.

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