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Saturday, 31 May 2014

30th May ... Yet more new moths for 2014 ...

Another good mothing night with 44 species recorded icluding a new species for garden, Small Clouded Brindle (below)
It looks much more "tent shaped" than its normal flatter pose, this is because it is frozen.
I meant to leave it in the freezer for half a minute to calm it down for a photo ... but the phone rang !
Other new for year moths are as follows:-
Tinea pellionella (from my lounge room)
Epinotia bilunana, below

Aglossa pinguinalis, Large Tabby, (below)

Clepsis consimilana (below)

Treble Brown Spot (below)

Purple Bar (below)

Silver-ground Carpet (below)

Sandy Carpet (below)

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