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Friday, 20 June 2014

19th June 2014.. Not sure about The Rustic, plus odd grub to ID

Uncertain and Rustic, always a headache.
Easier to tell them apart when in pristine condition, and it will help to shine your torch from wingtip towards the head.
Rustic is shinier than Uncertain.
Unscientific, but on fresh specimens it's not a bad guide.
Try it on Mottled Rustic, they are super shiny but easy to ID
Anyway, once I am reasonably sure I have separated the two, the rest are recorded as aggregates, though to be honest I am never 100% sure and should send a couple to the county recorders for examination of the genitalia.
So for now ....


Neither retained ... they are free to live out their uncertain rustic lives.

Last night was on the chilly side with temperatures struggling to stay in double figures and the catch reflected this.
Very few micros, although I didn't patrol the traps so maybe missed a few.
Instead I watched England v Uruguay and the less said about that the better !
One new micro for the year was Carcina quercana which was expected.

Others of note ...
Small Ranunculus
White Satin Moth
Buff Arches
Toadflax Pug
Light Arches
Varied Coronet



Here's a strange looking grub. I thought it was a slug at first.
It was feeding on a Hawthorn leaf.
It has a wet look about it and is sticky like a slug, but I have no idea what it is ... anyone know ?


  1. Second one down.
    Vine's Rustic for me, pointy wing-tips and squat size suggest so.


    1. Yes, I caught all three last night, 4 x Uncertain, 2 x Vine's and the one I thought was Rustic ... and I've posted an Uncertain and a Vine's.
      I'll get the next Rustic over to the recorders for confirmation, but the gist of the post was for the "shine"
      I've recorded all 7 as aggs. anyway
      Anything on my sticky grub ?
      Cheers mate

  2. Yeah probably is Rustic. The angle of the photo is deceiving.
    No idea on grubby grub unfortunately.


    1. The wing tips are bent upwards in the egg box but hey ho it still looks like a Vine's albeit a very fresh, dark one. It looks like a Rustic too, hmm, an Uncertain is not ruled out either *_^
      Aaaaargh !!!