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Friday, 27 June 2014

26th June 2014 ... micro ID needed plus trap catch

Micro ID ...
473, Acrolepiopsis assectella, Leek Moth. Site first.

A rainy night, so the covers were placed over the traps.
Still a good variety though.
This micro is proving hard to put a name to, the closest I can come up with is 596 Elachista poae
Forewing length almost 6mm

Common Rustic (agg) was a year first for the garden as was Double Lobed
above, Common Rustic agg.
below, Double Lobed

The second Leopard Moth was found on the paving slabs next to the trap and was lucky not to have been eaten by the birds...

Small Ranunculus is a regular in my garden with double figures recorded annually. It appears to be increasing its range ...


  1. Hi buddy.
    It's certainly Tortrix, thats as far as I have got so far....

  2. I am struggling to make it any other than a tightly rolled Epinotia demarniana, I could be very wrong though!

    1. It's a Leek Moth Ben.
      Just had an email from our county recorder.
      Oddly enough, last year I planted a leek bed in the garden, the plants we didn't eat have overwintered and are now flowering which may explain this little micro.
      Apparently they can can be bad news for cultivated onions and leeks grown in parts of continental Europe.
      It's a site first though :)

  3. Nice but not nice at the same time :) never had one in my traps but have seen one. in a friend's garden in Hemel Hempstead they are common, he does back onto an allotment though!