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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

9 and 10th June 2014.. Poor night follows bumper catch

A poor catch last night followed an absolute bumper night on the 9th.
9th June :-
min temp: 13.1 deg C
Warm, sultry, thunder, lightning, heavy rain until 11.30 pm
And then the moths came out in droves.
Around 90 species were recorded or waiting for ID.
I managed to clock up another dozen species with an ID pending.
Best moth was a micro, Ethmia quadrillella, which is the thirteenth record for the Bedfordshire VC30 and new for my garden.
Newcomers for the year are as follows :-
Ethmia quadrillella ( new for site)
Agapeta hamana
Epiblema uddmanniana
Chrysoteuchia culmella (nice to get the first one, but not the next 1,000)
Phlyctaenia coronata
Pterophorus pentadactyla
Common Emerald
Small Fan-footed Wave
Yellow Shell
Poplar Grey
Dingy Shears
Dusky Brocade

Above ... 719, Ethmia quadrillella

Below ... Common Emerald

Below .. Small Fan-footed Wave

Below .. Dingy Shears
Below .. Dusky Brocade

Below .. Pterophorus pentadactyla

Also a Pug, which I think is a Shaded Pug but will need to be examined before being an accepted record ....


  1. Superb catch, it looks good for tonight as well, thick cloud here and muggy again at the moment. I agree on Shaded Pug. Wasn't aware that they needed gen det? I have always sent my records in just from wing observations, a regular in the garden.
    That Ethmia though, wow lucky you! That storm was awful, we were out in the field and bloody hell it was scary in the dark!

    Take care and hopefully meet you both in 3 weeks...(first week of July if you are still free, will bring genny and loadsa traps for Home Wood?)


  2. Shaded pug is regular in my luton garden and I now log them on wing pattern and shape only. They look pale from underneath as well, andy

    1. I kept the pics that you sent last year and made a comparison. Looks spot on for shaded, and they don't seem to vary much ... Cheers Andy