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Monday, 23 June 2014

22nd June 2014 .. micro ID and trap latest

Another warm, calm night with plenty of action around the traps.
This Agonopterix species was potted up......
Probably A. heracliana although it is out of season, but what isn't this year ?
Only 2 others are similar, ciliella, which is also out of season, and cnicella which is flying in June but is a coastal species that has not been recorded in Bedfordshire VC30.
The forewing length is 9.5mm so all three fall into the size range.
One for our micro man.

Another micro which I haven't ID'd is this worn example below ....

I've brightened up the photo to try and pick out some detail.
Another for our micro man.
A few more for the year list from last night .....
998 Pandemis heparana

868 Helcystogramma rufescens

1165 Zeraphera isertana x 2 ( no pics, I accidently deleted from the camera before I uploaded. Both are off to the micro man though )

1336 Eudonia pallida

2011 Pale Prominent

2198 Smoky Wainscot

Others worth a mention...
Eyed Hawk-moth
Broad-barred White
Small Ranunculus
Poplar Grey
Grey Dagger agg.
Maiden's Blush
Small Square-spot
Privet Hawk-moth
Elephant and Small Elephant Hawk-moths
And a good micro for the garden, a second Ethmia quadrillella

Eyed Hawk-moth

Ethmia Quadrillella


  1. Hi matey.
    Worn micro I would say is Lathronympha strigana.
    Your suspected Eudonia pallida isn't quite right, I would plump for a worn Dipleurina lacustrata.
    Lovely Ethmia quadrillella!
    Hopefully next week, weather permitting we can all try Home Wood??

    1. L. strigana is my no.1 suspect, hope so because that will be a garden first. The pallida will go for gen det, I like those ridged veins at two thirds wing to wing tip. D. lacustrata doesn't show those too well but a worn ambigualis might. It may well be removed from list.
      I will ring Matt tomorrow and sort a date for Home Wood. It's a bit awkward at present as my daughter and Grandkids are arriving from the Cayman Islands at the end of this week.
      But I'm sure we can sort something out as we are way overdue a trap in Home Wood.
      Put my mobile number in your phone Ben ... it's 07747 followed by the BF numbers for:-
      Micropterix cathella, Caryocolum fraternella, and Ghost Moth.
      What are the best nights of the week for you ? I'm ok for most nights of the week Matt has a busy schedule though. I'll get back to you on your blog page or Matt will .,Cheers Ben

  2. Hi guys. I am free next Tuesday or Wednesday evening if that suits either of you? I am tied up on both nights of national moth night in Essex.
    Ok, got your number, its not too far from me, about 40 minute drive tops.
    Let me know through here or email?
    My email is
    I have 4 traps and a genny, I see that Home Wood is quite sizeable :)


  3. OK Ben, I'll drop an email your way if we can do Tues or Wed. Cheers