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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

11th July 2011...

Last nights garden highlights:-
Out of it's normal terrain, reed beds, a FEN WAINSCOT was found on the shed wall. This is a rare resident in VC30 and a new species for the garden.
A rather worn OAK NYCTEOLINE, also on the shed wall
I recorded one in 2009, also one in 2010, so it was a surprise to find TWO WHITE SATIN MOTH in the trap this morning, making 3 caught so far this year.
First showing for LESSER YELLOW UNDERWING this year.
6 x Shuutle-shaped Dart
6 x Riband Wave
1 x Ruby Tiger
14 x Common Footman
4 x Scarce Footman
2 x Cloaked Minor
2 x Small Waved Umber
3 x Least Carpet
2 x Grey Dagger agg.
>15 x Uncertain/Rustic types
1 x Small Blood-vein
1 x Marbled Beauty
1 x Privet Hawk-moth
2 x Willow Beauty
2 x White Satin Moth
2 x Large Yellow Underwing
3 x Lesser Yellow Underwing
1 x Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
2 x Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
4 x Buff Ermine
8 x Dark Arches
1 x Common Rustic agg.
1 x Clouded Border
1 x Smoky Wainscot
1 x Fen Wainscot
1 x Single-dotted wave
1 x Dwarf Cream Wave
1 x Cabbage Moth
1 x Silver Y
1 x Turnip Moth
1 x Oak Nycteoline
1 x Udea prunalis
30/50 Crambids...culmella, perlella, pascuella,
6 x Eudonia mercurella
8 x Endotricha flammealis
3 x Agapeta hamana
1 x Phlyctaenia coronata
2 x Pyrausta aurata, Gold Triangle
2 x Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 2 x Emmelina monodactyla
2 x Yponomeuta evonymella, Bird-cherry Ermine
1 x Clepsis consimilana
2 x Aphomia sociella, Bee Moth
2 x Pleuroptya ruralis, Mother of Pearl
2 x Aphelia paleana, Timothy Tortrix
1 x Celypha striana
1 x Yponomeuta cagnagella, Spindle Ermine
1 x Gypsonoma dealbana
1 x Argyrotaenia ljungiana
1 x Ditula angustiorana, Red-barred Tortrix
1 x Acentria ephemerella, Water Veneer
1 x Rhopobota naevana, Holly Tortrix
After a periodic thorough re-count and updating my 2011 micro and macro list pages, the totals now stand at :-
318 species...190 macro, 128 micro with 2 micro ID's pending

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