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Monday, 18 July 2011

16th July 2011...The Dells Garden

Ithought twice about bothering to put the traps on due to the cool windy weather and the threat of rain.
The decision to run the traps paid off with a return of the TOADFLAX BROCADE, which is probably a second generation,
although I didn't manage to locate any larva during the end of May/early June.
There is only one record or this little beauty in VC30 up until 2010, but this one is my 7th for 2011.

Two more SMALL RANUNCULUS brought the year tally up to 17 which equals last years total. The species appears to be thriving and spreading, but time will tell. Only 16 species of macro and 7 micros were trapped in the cold , stiff breeze and it looks like being a cold wet week !

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