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Sunday, 24 July 2011

21st to 23rd July...Catch 22

Too cold for July and it showed as only 22 species were trapped last night (Saturday, 8 deg.) and 35 species on Thursday (21st, 8 deg.). Friday 22nd was too cold, wet and windy to bother.


Maple Prominent

Single-dotted Wave
There were one or two highlights but no new species.
2x Campion, one on Friday and another last night making 3 appearances for my signature moth this year.
A Maple Prominent was a second record this year.
A micro caught on 20th July, Pammene fasciana 1236, was confirmed by the county recorder, which is a new species for the garden list.

Pammene fasciana1236
 Species total for the garden stands at 329 with a couple of micros pending. The full list of macro/micro species are on the Pages at the top of the blog.

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