WINE RACE 2016 .. MATTc380 .. TRENT 353 .. BEN 347 ...... Garden species:- Macros 357, Micros 365, Total 722

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


We seem to be stuck in a weather rut at the moment with night temperatures hanging around the 11 degrees mark and cool northerly winds.
Nothing much happening trapwise except a steady increase in Shuttle-shaped Dart numbers and a slackening off from Heart & Dart and Dark Arches which dominated the catch previously.
Only two new micros in the past 4 days, both new additions for the garden.
Cochylis atricapitana and CALAMOTROPHA PALUDELLA pictured below.

325 garden species, 194 macro and 131 micro this year to date.
The Wine Bet....... I will have to re-double my efforts and patrol the lights more than of late.
Captain Trappings has opened up a nine point lead with 334 species.

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