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Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Dells latest

Nothing new in the garden for the past two nights. The trap has been under cover which restricts the light spread but the perspex rain guard is on the drawing board and will soon be fitted.
8th July.... One of my favourite moths THE HERALD, I get two or three of these a year. 7th July... I like the varied ground colours of the forewings of this common visitor. I get the very pale ones mostly.
THE DUN-BAR 7th July... First appearance this year for PLEUROPTYA RURALIS, Mother of Pearl, a common large "micro"

I've no idea what this catty is. It was found crawling across the dining room floor, so no clues on food plant... 25mm long

2011 Garden totals:-

306 species...186 macro, 120 micro (1 micro pending)

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