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Friday, 1 July 2011

30th June... Chilly

Another cold June night with temps dropping to 7 degrees. Some interesting moths turned up at various tyraps set in the grounds of the RSPB headquarters at The Lodge, but the cool evening would have inhibited quite a few species no doubt. Captain Trappings and myself ran an MV sheet and a combined Blacklight/actinid skinner on the old Heath and among the Scots Pines.
Checked out the garden moth trap when I arrived home after 2.00 am and again at 6.00 am.
Nothing new and numbers were well down on previous nights.
A second generation EARLY THORN was on the shed wall and..... ... two PEPPERED MOTH were found on the brick/stone walls. Also on the shed was this attractive male BROAD-BORDERED YELLOW UNDERWING ... always look stunning when fresh. The full list for The Lodge will appear shortly, there's a bit of work for our micro recorder to do first with numerous unID'd little brown/black jobs.

Garden totals remain at 296 species...179 macro, 117 micro.

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